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analog and digital

from my reading about the difference between analog and digital data is analog data refer  to the other storage methods, for examples, records and cassette tapes are forms of analog data storage.Then, digital data refers to information stored as zero and one and represent in a number of the ways.For example, CD and DVD player.


2) lossy and losseless are two categories of compression but,both of it have the same aim.

lossy refer to the sometimes some loss of quality is acceptable. For examples the methods includes DCT(discreet cosine transform)

lossless are used to make a file a smaller size but without losing any of information and always get back to the original file.


defining media

Media: is the process to able the understand,techniques,production and impact then media is the positive medium in make effective decoding,analyzing,synthesizing and evaluating.

What is Media Education?

2. multimedia

is refer to interactive ,computer elements,applications and also as the medium for the communication,getting information and ideas by acess the varoius of media such as web pages,music,video and new sites.


3. Multi-media

is the program that have the graphic design to create the graphic and illustrations that student can develop their creativity,design skills and others.Then its includes the film,video,simulation and games design that improve the skills and knowledge student can apply in learning.


21st century learner


what i understand from my research about the characteristics of 21st century learner is:

1)  21st century learning includes teaching approaches to incorporate content skills where students are more innovative,creative and independent in solving problems and can cope with any challenge to succeed and make student more intellectually. There is a few of the characteristics of 21st century learner that i think is very useful to know and will can apply it in learner.

first is student can build strong content in knowledge with foster thier attitude and spirit to get knowledge and they will more active in involves themselves doing the benefits work and focus what they do everytime.

then,students be more active in communication skills-student will be better in adapting themselves with how the talk with other person more discipline,civilized and knowledgeable in order convince others.

next, they will understand others perspectives and culture-in 21st century learner student be more open minded in issue about the culture.Student appreciate every different culture because their perspectives against different culture is beauty and unique then make them become needed each other.


2) how important we as educator to know the 21st century?

as a educator we need take the effective approaches to change and educated student and find the interest approaches to maintain their interest in learner.Then help them with show how important the knowledge in real world and teachers should be more flexibelity to convince students


3)how its effect technologies in education?

technology actually is the medium by using computer or else to make teaching more interesting. Technology actually help teacher in make more creative and more effective teaching to develop the knowledge.Then teachers also cen update the new information for their student and it will be more successful in learning.


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